And I am the owner of Ruff Dayz!

I currently reside in Seymour with my husband Spenser, dog Finley, cat Rachel, and 12 chickens. 

I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician and have over 7 years of experience working in Veterinary Medicine. I started working at a local veterinary clinic right out of high school and that is where my passion for the animal industry began. I attended Parkland College’s Veterinary Technician program and performed a year of clinical rotations throughout the various departments at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

My greatest passion is providing high quality, individualized care. Because we are a smaller volume facility than others that gives us more time to provide higher quality care to all the dogs that frequent us. 

Hi! I am

We know each dog personally, we learn what is normal for them so when something comes up that is abnormal, we are able to notice right away and make their parents aware.

I actually attended Ruff Dayz grand opening in 2018 (before I was the owner). I immediately noticed how beautiful the facility was and how it was truly the taj mahal for dogs. I jokingly said to the owners “If you ever decide to sell the business, I want to be the first to know”. In 2020 that little, joking side comment became my reality. I took over ownership of Ruff Dayz in 2020 and have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite part of my job is seeing how excited dogs get to walk through our doors. It brings us so much joy to see how happy they get when their parents pull into our parking lot.

There have actually been incidents where dogs escaped their back yards and come running to Ruff Dayz! 

This is Finley, the original Ruff Dayz pup and the face of the Ruff Dayz logo! 

-shana m.

We really enjoy Ruff Dayz for our dog! One of my favorite things is that the pups can play both outside and inside. that is difficult to find in the area

-Dawn T.

Love, Love, Love this doggy daycare-the owners are AMAZING! They are very knowledgeable about dogs and their facility is well kept and clean. They also provide the best customer service and I really enjoy taking our German Shepard there.



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