What can I bring with my dog for boarding?

Feel free to bring whatever you would like with your dog for their stay, we ask that you don’t bring anything you would not want to get lost or destroyed. We also do not recommend bringing bones or toys that could potentially cause gastrointestinal upset or a gastrointestinal obstruction if ingested. As a safety precaution we will not feed raw-hides, pig ears, or similar materials.

  • For kennel-free boarding you only need to bring your dog, their food, and any medications if applicable. Toys and beds are not necessary, we will provide those!

  • For kenneled boarding we recommend bringing food, toys, and a bed or blanket. We can provide cots and a blanket if needed.


How does kennel-free boarding work?

All dogs that are accepted into kennel-free boarding have passed a temperament evaluation and are deemed human and dog friendly. The only time kennel-free boarders are placed in a kennel is for mealtime and/or if they need a timeout or break. During the day they are out
playing and socializing with other boarding and daycare dogs. At night we place mattresses and bedding throughout our indoor daycare spaces and each dog gets to pick where they want to sleep. Our overnight staff stays in the room with them. If your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a kennel, please let us know and we can accommodate that.

What can I do to help my dog be more comfortable during his/her stay with you?

For kennel-free boarding we HIGHLY recommend bringing your dog in for daycare a few times leading up to their stay. We have found this helps ease their stress and/or anxiety
about being away from their owners. It helps them familiarize themselves with our facility, our staff, our routines, and group play before staying the night for the first time.

What does my dog do all day?

Play! All of our kennel-free boarding dogs socialize and play with our daycare and other kennel-free boarding dogs. Kenneled dogs are housed in indoor/outdoor runs secured by a pulley system so we can let them in and out several times a day. They also get one-on-one play time with a staff member 2-3 times daily!

What do you do in case of an injury or illness?

In the event of an injury or illness we will assess the situation to determine the best plan of action to take. Our owner is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 6 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine. Depending on the situation, we will notify you and take the him/her to the vet clinic we have partnered with (Mahomet Animal Hospital). If you are unreachable we will contact your emergency contact for permission to seek veterinary care. If your emergency contact is unreachable we will take the best course of action. If an injury occurs that is a true emergency we will take your pet to the nearest animal emergency center (SportsVet or U of I Vet Med) and contact you as soon as we can.


What are the age requirements to attend daycare?

Dogs need to meet one of these conditions to attend daycare:

  1. If dog is not fixed, they must have completed all of their puppy shots, must be under the age of 7 months and pass their temperament evaluation. 
  2. If dog is fixed, must have up-to-date vaccinations and pass their temperament evaluation.


What are the vaccinations that are required to attend daycare?

  • Rabies (1 or 3 year vaccination)
  • Distemper- Parvo (DA2PP, DHLPP)
  • Bordetella (Required yearly, every 6 months is recommended)

What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory infection. Although it is not fatal, it does produce a dry, hacking cough, sometimes followed by vomiting or gagging as the dog tried to clear its throat. Your dog can get this at the dog park, daycare, a casual encounter while walking around the neighborhood and even at the veterinarian’s office. All dogs are susceptible, but at Ruff Dayz we try to minimize the possibility by cleaning our facility daily, however, due to
the amount of face-to-face contact our dogs receive it is still possible to transmit the virus. It is important to know that even if your dog has the Bordetella vaccine, it is still possible for your pet to contract kennel cough.

What does my dog do all day?

Play! All of our kennel-free boarding dogs socialize and play with our daycare and other kennel-free boarding dogs. Kenneled dogs are housed in indoor/outdoor runs secured by a pulley system so we can let them in and out several times a day. They also get one-on-one play time with a staff member 2-3 times daily!

Do you allow pitbulls?

Yes, of course. We do not discriminate against any dog breeds. However, we will not tolerate aggressive behavior. We define aggressive behavior as “the desire or intent to do physical damage to another dog or human.” If aggressive behavior is observed during daycare, the dog(s) will be dismissed from dog daycare.

Is there a way for me to watch what my dog is doing on a camera from home?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t have a camera system that can be publicly accessed. We do have 24/7 security monitoring on the interior/exterior of the building for safety and security purposes. We do try to post daily photos/videos on our social media account stories, be sure to follow us to view those!

My dog is still a puppy and gets lunch, can you accommodate that?

Certainly! We do lunch time feedings around 12-12:30pm. Just make sure to bring your dog’s food with them to daycare. Puppies under 8 months should come with a lunch to ensure they are getting enough calories to help them grow. Adult dogs do not need lunch and we would like to discourage people from bringing a lunchtime meal for adult dogs. 

What does a temperament evaluation entail?

A temperament evaluation is a process in which we evaluate a dog's physical and mental characteristics and its reaction to the characteristics of other dogs. This helps ensure their safety and success in group daycare and/or kennel-free boarding. Every dog that is accepted into doggy daycare or kennel-free boarding must pass a temperament evaluation performed by the staff at Ruff Dayz. The evaluation involves looking for any aggressive behavior toward the other dogs. Additionally, we are looking for general personality characteristics, such as
separation anxiety, timidness, toy aggression, leash aggression, and other behaviors that may present risk to your pet or other guests. This is a hands-on meet-and-greet where we’ll make sure your pup is comfortable being handled and check for any possible issues such as fleas or
ticks or existing injuries that might worsen during play. It includes one-on-one introduction to other dogs where we observe your dog’s behavior and body language and a slow introduction into group play specifically designed for your dog’s size and temperament. These evaluations typically take an hour or more to complete and cost $20 per dog. We require dogs to come and play at least once a month for to keep their account active with us. if your pup doesn’t come see us for 3 or more months we do require a repeat temperament evaluation at the cost of $20.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

Similar to kids on a playground, it is possible for dogs to sustain minor injuries at dog daycare. During normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, tear a nail, or lose a bit of fur. More serious injuries are very rare. For additional peace of mind, our daycare attendants are trained extensively in dog behavior and our owner is a Licensed Veterinary Technician. If serious treatment is needed, we will rush your dog to his/her personal vet or to the closest
emergency clinic if your veterinarian is unavailable.

What is your spay/neuter policy?

We understand that the choice to spay or neuter and at what age is a decision to be made for each individual dog and by the dog’s owner and veterinarian. For safety in a play group, dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age to take part in daycare or kennel-free boarding. As dogs reach sexual maturity, they are able to reproduce, and hormonal changes occur that can alter behavior or may cause tension amongst other dogs within the group dynamic. This can impact the safety of the dogs and is not advised for open play environments.



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